'Sprayable Energy' Caffeine Spray Is A Coffee Boost For People Who Don't Like Coffee

A crowd-funded caffeine spray is aiming to take the crash out of your daily wake-up routine.

Sprayable Energy is applied directly to the skin instead of being ingested and claims to provide a more consistent boost without the jitters that can come with coffee or energy drinks.

It also requires a much smaller dose.

Coffee. Without the coffee.

Creators, Ben Yu and Deven Soni, explain on their website: "The reason for this is our product, not being ingested, isn't almost entirely metabolised by the liver before entering your system and becoming available to your body.

"Thus, a smaller amount of caffeine can have just the same effect as a very large amount of caffeine ingested through an energy drink or cup of coffee."

Each canister holds 2 weeks supply and can be used six times within four hours (no more then 24 times a day).

The spray is colourless, odourless, tasteless and contains no calories.

Of course many people will argue that the most enjoyable part of a caffeine boost is the colour, taste, odour and calories.

The project has been funded through crowd-sourcing website, Indiegogo, and has already raised over twice its target so will definitely enter production.

It is however still waiting for approval from the US Food and Drug Administration but should be available there at the end of October for around $15 (£9.60).