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Stuff Magazine Interview: Online Editor Of Stuff Magazine Paddy Smith Talks TU Go App

Stuff Magazine Interview: Online Editor Of Stuff Magazine Paddy Smith Talks TU Go App
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O2 reporters Nicola and Maddie are eager to find out what experts think about how the TU Go App can affect the way we use our mobile phone numbers and devices to communicate. And, as luck would have it, they were invited into the Stuff Magazine office to talk to their online editor.

Paddy Smith, online editor of Stuff Magazine, was delighted to chat to them about the app and explain exactly why it signals a total switch in how we see our mobile devices (see video above).

He says: 'It's going to change the way we do things. Once you could get your email on a phone and now we're doing the reverse and getting all your texts and phone calls on your tablet and computer."

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"So, it's a big switch and it's going to make all our messages and conversations more open and spread to all of our different devices."

He points out that in the past, if your phone was stolen, out of battery or in an area where there was no signal, you'd be out of contact with the rest of the world. However, having this app means that as long as an O2 user can find an internet connection, they can still use their phone.

He adds: "At the moment your phone is your principle device, but in the future whatever device you leave the house with... whether that's a tablet, phone or laptop... then that's the one you'll use for telephony as well."

And as Nicola helpfully notes, this means that you can accessorise your mobile device according to your outfit!


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