The mobile giant says its services have returned to normal – but it's avoiding saying anything about compensation...
Many customers were unable to use mobile data this morning.
Frost* are an extraordinary band. Part of their allure may be their commitment to hardly ever playing live. One expected to see Attenborough in attendance, such is the rarity of these creatures being on the stage together. It is, however, worth the wait...
Have you seen those O2 adverts about how you should be more dog? If you want something like a stick or a ball or maybe the
I believe touch rugby and rugby in general is an incredibly positive and exciting team sport and the values involved in rugby are crucial for achieving anything in life. The values learnt through team skills, playing a role in a group and learning how to win or lose cannot be underestimated in terms of their value going forward. Whether you are young, old, male or female, the skills and values you can learn through rugby are hugely beneficial. The O2 Touch Tours are all about introducing people to rugby in the run up to the World Cup, taking place this year in England and Wales... and with the tournament fast approaching I believe England are in good shape.
Phone provider O2 said it is launching a "full investigation" after people across the country lost signal to their mobile
Liverpool has been named as having the fastest 4G signal in the country. The city has an average download speed of 21.32Mbps
Whether it's discussing a service over the phone or an engineer installing a solution at a customer's house, everyone working for the company is a brand ambassador and the end user shouldn't be able to notice a difference in the levels of service.
Who then went and ruined the whole illusion even further by ordering lattes... Cue White Walker selfie extravaganza... Bu