'Sexy Mandarin' School Recruits Semi-Naked Models To Teach Foreigners Chinese (PICTURES)

Recruiting semi-naked models to teach students is not the most traditional way of learning, but it certainly seems to be working for one school.

SexyMandarin, an online language school, is launching a new drive to recruit the next wave of teachers, following their - rather unsurprising - success last year.

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SexyMandarin teachers

Founded by Nottingham University graduate Kaoru Kickuchi, the "risque methods" have become an internet sensation, after the company's pilot class racked up more than 800,000 YouTube views.

Kickuchi, a qualified architect and model who has appeared in FHM, said: "If you go the textbook way with all these Chinese characters it just makes you intimidated.

"If you start with the colloquial way … or sexy clips it is a different story."

The school has been criticised by Chinese feminists, who say the videos objectify Chinese women.

SexyMandarin, whose motto is "learning Mandarin in an unconventional way", has produced lessons ranging from pillow talk to cooking, and, in one video, female tutors are pictured cleaning a black cab with foamy sponges.