'SexyMandarin': Semi-Naked Models Recruited To Teach Foreigners Chinese (PICTURES)

PHOTOS: Online 'School' Recruits Semi-Nude Models To Teach Mandarin

An online "school" based in China has recruited nearly-naked models in a bid to encourage foreigners to learn Mandarin.

These "teachers" are a far cry from the bespectacled, tweed-wearing traditional tutor who cracked canes over knuckles if Latin wasn't learnt correctly.

The rather unusual teaching technique deployed by the SexyMandarin school

Despite coming under fire from Chinese feminists, the school - set up by Nottingham University graduate Kaoru Kickuchi, has become an internet sensation.

Kickuchi, a qualified architect and model who has appeared in FHM, said: "If you go the textbook way with all these Chinese characters it just makes you intimidated.

"If you start with the colloquial way … or sexy clips it is a different story."

The school has certainly taken its slogan "learning Mandarin in an unconventional way" to extremes...

Sexy Mandarin Teachers


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