"Your job is to be a gobs**** for a couple of hours a day."
Free accommodation and up to £10,000 is up for grabs if you come back when courses aren't so overbooked.
Are teacher-assessed grades accurate? Will uni be any fun? Just some of the worries on students' minds.
Covid guidance for schools could be cleared up to ensure fewer pupils are sent home, top Tory Rob Halfon suggests to HuffPost UK.
Bolton school head hails the "massively" positive impact on mental health of pupils
The daily testing of contacts of those infected with Covid could replace quarantine, Nick Gibb suggests.
Tutoring became my primary source of income when I lost my job in the pandemic. Morally, I don’t feel good about my work.
The video formed part of a wider “Respect Matters” education campaign by the Australian government.
Gavin Williamson announces that face coverings cannot be taken off in classrooms before May 17 at the earliest.
Universities across the UK have seen a significant rise in applications for courses such as biomedical sciences, pharmacology and nursing.
Confined to a hazard taped box at the front of the class, talking to masked, students that may or may not be engaged, how can you tell? We now also have to test the students each day. This isn’t teaching as I know it at all.
More than 9,000 reports have been posted on the Everyone’s Invited website where survivors can anonymously share their experiences.
Disproportionate number of white authority figures in schools risks sending message that "Black people not capable of being teachers".
Prime minister is reluctant to speed up the lifting of lockdown.
Education minister had wrongly said students with a positive lateral flow test should not return to school even after a negative PCR test.
One university was ordered to pay a student £5k for lost teaching time.
This is how young people are stolen from outside school and trafficked around the UK to sell drugs.
The twice-weekly tests will also be offered to adults working with schools, such as bus drivers and after school club leaders.
Given the shambles Gavin Williamson oversaw last summer, the latest move is perhaps unsurprising.