Xbox One Release Date Leak Panic Proves Premature

Rumours that the release date for the Xbox One had been leaked have turned out to be premature. Probably.

It was reported by several sites on Tuesday that Microsoft had pencilled in a November 8 launch date for the new console.

That would have given Microsoft a week's headstart in the US on the PS4, which is out there on 15 November, and several weeks jump on Sony's console in Europe where it will hit the market on 29 November.

The Xbox One rumour originated from a Kotaku piece which claimed a source "who works for a marketing company that handles signage and product placement for retail giant Walmart" had confirmed the global release timeline.

But after the initial wave of excitement the rumours have now calmed down - principally because Kotaku have retracted the original rumour.

Meanwhile MCV has reported that Game has pulled pre-orders for the Day One edition of the Xbox One, apparently after demand outstripped supply. You can still pre-order the console, though deliveries are not guaranteed for launch day.

Microsoft has made no comment, save for this enigmatic/dull statement: "We look forward to launching Xbox One in 13 markets around the world in November this year. We have no other details to share at this time".