London Underground Tube Terror: Panicking Passengers Filmed Trying To Flee Smoke-Filled Central Line Train (VIDEO)

WATCH: Panicked Passengers Try To Flee Smoke-Filled Tube Carriage

Panicked Tube passengers were filmed desperately trying to flee a train as the locked carriage began filling with smoke.

The Central Line train was in Holland Park station over the Bank Holiday weekend when the frightening incident occurred.

Terrified passengers were seen wriggling out of the windows between carriages and even clambering onto the roof in their haste.

A woman is helped out of the carriage at Holland Park Tube station

One man is seen getting his head stuck as he tries to squeeze through a gap in the doors.

“The doors weren’t being opened, everyone was trying to smash windows, panicking and frightened.”

A spokesperson for Transport for London said the smoke was believed to have been caused by the brakes being locked against the wheels of the train.

He added the carriage doors were not opened in case passengers climbed onto the live rails as the train was not fully in the station.


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