7 Outrageously Expensive Banker Bar Bills

Los Angeles, California, USA
Los Angeles, California, USA

Politicians don't want them to be paid too well, but appreciate the millions they get from the City of London in tax revenues. The EU wants banks to cap banker bonuses, but bankers can thank their bosses for deciding to top up their salaries instead.

With all these stress weighing in on their work, bankers do embrace their moments to relax. And when they relax, bankers make the most of their bumper pay packets, quaffing champagne and racking up huge bills.

HuffPostUK has compiled some of the worst and most outrageous boozy nights by bankers.

To save the bankers' blushes, we've swapped the scenes of drink-sodden depravity for more photogenic celebrations.

Alex Hope's £204,000 Champagne Night

Biggest Banker Bar Bills

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