Swiss Photographer Recreates 'ET' Poster Without Photoshop

Swiss Photographer Recreates 'ET' Poster Without Photoshop

A photographer in Switzerland has managed to recreate the iconic image of a flying bicycle silhouetted by the Moon - without using Photoshop.

Philipp Schmidli was inspired to take the picture after another of his shots was compared favourably to the famous 1980s film poster.

Mashable reports how he used three bikers - Roger Grütter, Matthias von Rotz and Pascal Röthlin - to "play Elliot" and launch themselves into the sky, against a full Moon, for the picture.

But while he didn't use Photoshop to get the image, taking it was still a highly technical process.

Schmidli used a 800mm lens and a 2x teleconverter to get the right focal length for the picture, which required the Moon to be in focus as well as the bikers themselves. He had to wait until the exact moment that the Moon rose above the horizon, and take four quick photos to get the right effect.

The results were astonishing - take a look below.


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