George Clooney's Spy Satellite Over Sudan Revealed At Venice Film Festival

Guess Who Has A Spy Satellite Over Sudan?

George Clooney may star as an adrift astronaut in his latest film, but the Hollywood heart-throb is far more busy having a real life space odyssey via his very own satellite over Sudan.

The actor has revealed further details about his spy satellite which he funds to keep an eye on the Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir and his followers, who have been accused of war crimes.

At a Venice Film Festival press conference for his new film Gravity the actor claimed his satellite hindering the Sudanese ruler and his penchant of for violence – as long as he isn't doing anything "at night or under cloud cover."

George Clooney has revealed further details about his spy satellite over Sudan

“I have a satellite in areas [in Sudan] where there is a lot of violence because we want to keep an eye on some of the atrocities that are going on there and because we want not just accountability but we want to make it more and more difficult to act without ramifications,” Clooney said.

“We find that it has been incredibly successful since now the attacks only happen at night or under cloud cover.”

In response to the dictator's new tactics, Clooney said that the satellite will now be “switched up to infrared” so that acts of violence can be seen at all times.

“It is our job to try and shine a light on those places,” he said. “If it helps at all, it is worth it.”

However, when he was asked whether he supported the idea of the US launching missile strikes on Syria, he sighed. “You know, I was hoping I'd get that question! I actually thought you were going to ask me about Ben Affleck playing Batman. But no, it was Syria!

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