The "acqua alta," or high waters, have flooded the city three times in less than a week.
The "acqua alta," or high waters, have flooded the city three times in less than a week.
Autumn in Germany, Mercury in transit and an animatronic dinosaur round out this week's best images.
A regional council member in the Italian city pointed out the sad irony in a Facebook post.
A cruise ship almost hit the land in Venice, as it moved through the lagoon under turbulent conditions. Campaigners have previously called for an immediate ban on cruise ships entering the area.
While the historic city often floods, the storms hitting Italy have swamped 75% of Venice and battered infrastructure in other cities. Nine people have been reported dead.
Italy remains the ultimate romantic getaway for couples, and ideal for last-minute deals.
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Long gone are the days of basking peacefully in the sun on an isolated beach in the Mediterranean, or the indulgent yet meditative afternoon walks down 5th Avenue exercising both legs and credit card
The first pictures of an Italian couple and their 11-year-old son who were killed after falling into a volcanic crater have
I have spent the last few weeks travelling in Europe, principally in Italy. I have seen many wonders to refresh the soul, but as you travel through popular Cities and Resorts, you cannot escape the throng that is now modern day tourism. Each day, resorts are awash with the daily influx of holidaymakers, eager it seems to tick off that sight or experience from their bucket list.
Appearing on Channel 4 News, he said: “She was a young black woman making her way in this country. “She’d done amazing things
With rents skyrocketing, Venice is in danger of becoming a Disneyland-style outpost of the 'real' cities on the mainland. On the Zattere, you can get a semifreddo at Nico's legendary ice cream bar and look out over the water towards the smoking chimneys of Marghera, where the Fincantieri shipyard turns out several cruise ships a year. It feels ominously like looking towards the future.
The drowned man was Pateh Sabally, a 22-year-old refugee from Gambia.
An African man drowned in Venice’s Grand Canal as onlookers abused him and filmed his struggle on their mobile phone, in
Disclaimer: I'm dealing particularly with the sexual exploitation of black women. If you are a founding member of either
At the end of April, Kasia and I left the United Kingdom on a big adventure. Due to my disability the vehicle we took had
While I was there, I noticed some pretty handy tricks to enjoy one of the most beautiful cities without forking out more than a tenner for a beer - if you're savvy about it. So if you do want to experience the gorgeous city on water, eat all the Italian food (and if you're a fan of prosecco), you can totally enjoy a budget-friendly break there too.