Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Screenshots Leaked (PICTURES)

Samsung is gearing up to release a smartwatch companion for its Galaxy smartphones at IFA in Berlin - and we've just seen the first glimpse at what it really looks like.

A pair of screenshots of a Gear Manager app, leaked by serially accurate Twitter leak machine @evleaks, clearly show the small device.

And while the screenshots themselves aren't that exciting - mainly revolving around how to connect the watch with NFC and how to change some of the settings, it does reveal some of the core functionality too.

The watch - 'SM-V700' - will have a clock app as well as Samsung-made and third-party apps. It will also automatically connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

We have no word yet on design, but it looks like a square flat panel is on the cards, and not some kind of crazy flexible form factor.

We'll have to wait until next week to see what Samsung really has up (or under) its sleeve, however. Take a look at the full leak below.

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