'The X Factor' Fifth Judge Is Revealed... It's Us

X Factor fifth judge
X Factor fifth judge

After all the anticipation and build-up, 'The X Factor' have finally revealed who the fifth judge will be on this year's series.

Before we proceed, don't get your hopes up - it's not Cheryl Cole or Simon Cowell.

And the fifth judge is, drumroll please... US! Yes that's right, Joe Public. As it has been for the last ten years *yawns*.

As we correctly predicted, the whole fifth judge campaign was just a sneaky ploy to get us excited about the new series and actually refers to the newly revamped iPhone app.

The news was revealed in a video posted by the show's official Twitter account. WATCH it below.

"Download the free X Factor app to put yourself in the judges' hotseat," said producers.

"Give live feedback on auditions and predict who'll get through."

Anyone else feeling slightly, nay, mightily let down? *wails looking at a Cheryl picture*

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