04/09/2013 10:24 BST | Updated 04/11/2013 05:12 GMT

Boobies Banned On Facebook: Birdwatching Ad For Christmas Island's Nature Week Pulled

An advert featuring boobies has been banned by Facebook.

No surprise there. But what if we told you the boobies in question are of the seabird variety?

Yes, the Facebook police have cracked down on the fluffy chicks of Christmas Island, in particular on an ad inviting eco-tourists to its Bird 'n' Nature Week.

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christmas island boobies

Some gorgeous boobies at Christmas Island National Park

Linda Cash, of the island's Tourism Association uploaded snaps of the bird with the caption: "Some gorgeous shots here of some juvenile boobies."

The ad was swiftly removed, and when Cash enquired as to why, she was informed the use of the word "boobies" had triggered an automatic ban, The Australian writes.

By way of explanation, the social media giant's guidelines revealed: "The word choice in the body or title of your ad violates our ad guidelines. We do not allow the use of profane, vulgar or threatening language."

boobies christmas island

Cash told Travel Daily News the move was a blow to the island, where many residents have turned to eco-tourism to secure their future livelihoods.

She explained: "We have a limited marketing budget so Facebook campaigns offer us a great opportunity to share the wonderful birdlife on our island.

"We presumed our original advert was blocked automatically so we appealed to Facebook directly, who reaffirmed the campaign was banned due to the sexual language - particularly the use of the word 'boobies".

HuffPost UK has sought comment from Facebook.

It's not the first time Facebook has got itself all in a lather over this sort of thing. Last year it apologised and reinstated a picture it had banned, after moderators apparently confused a woman's elbows with her nipples.

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