08/09/2013 18:04 BST | Updated 08/11/2013 05:12 GMT

'What Remains' Episode 3 Review - Turns Out Melissa Wasn't Completely Alone After All

This was the penultimate episode of 'What Remains', and the red herrings were flying thick and fast as Detective Harper (gravelly David Threlfall) dug deeper to uncover just what did happen to lonely Melissa.

For now we've found that she wasn't so lonely - for parts of the time, anyway, when a drunken Kieran Moss (Stephen Mackintosh) remembered to turn up.

Turns out Kieran Moss (Stephen Mackintosh) knew Melissa better than he was letting on

Now he's sober and enigmatic, while his son has a creepy way with a one-liner and a washing-up glove that's plenty enough to freak out Kieran's girlfriend.

The walls were closing in this week, though, because, through the powers of Facebook and a bribable florist, Harper and sidekicks Vidya (a fragrant Amber Rose Revah) and Patricia discovered Melissa's illicit romance.

This episode had enough going on in the rest of the house for its own spin-off series, with Michael (Russell Tovey) getting confused as revenge on teacher Mr Sellers (David Bamber) turned to romance with the strange curly-haired one, and Elaine (Indira Varma) turning single white female on her trembling-lipped lover.

Detective Harper held a tireless vigil for the mysterious Melissa

It was never like this when Mr and Mrs Roper lived downstairs from Richard O'Sullivan and co. No wonder the residents of Number 8 were all too busy to notice the quiet girl going missing upstairs. "You didn't notice or you didn't care," bellowed Harper to one of the residents Keiran - neither of which are crimes of course, just sad. Can't wait for the denouement next week.