09/09/2013 08:09 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Lunchtime Lipstick Catch-Up: Week Five

When I was a teenager, I worked as an Avon lady after school which meant going door to door in my neighbourhood distributing catalogues and selling beauty products.

People didn't really have internet yet (it was the Nineties in small town Scotland) and this kind of service was still pretty welcomed. I'd sit down with women over cups of tea, show them samples and talk them through offers.

Lunchtime lipstick

The one thing customers always got excited about was lipstick - it was like an inconsequential gift to self. Powerful enough to be a game-changer, cheap enough to buy without guilt.

They'd order sensible things like the Avon body lotion that keeps away midgies (it really does) and shower gel, and then say, "let's throw in a wee lipstick" because lipstick is fun.

These are the colours and brands I tried out this week, if you want a little something new...

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