Mars Underground Colony By ZA Architects Is A Beautiful And Imaginative Concept Idea

An architectural firm has designed a radically different human colony on Mars from what we're used to seeing - this one is underground.

ZA Architects, a German based company, believes our best chance of surviving in the red planet's inhospitable environment is to become subterranean.

They argue the basalt surface of Mars is ideal for building caves for protection and insulation.


They also think the soil would be perfect for growing asparagus. Obviously.

In an interview with Dezeen, Arina Ageeva of ZA Architects, said: "Curiosity sooner or later will bring humans to Mars and wouldn't it be nice to have permanent station to explore it?

"It seems pretty logical to use caves as the main protective structure of the colony."

Regardless of the viability of an underground cave system on Mars, we a re still a long way from being able to implement it.

Robots capable of drilling into the rock would have to be flown out before humans could venture there.

One definite positive is the rather pleasing effect the tightly packed hexagonal columns formed when basaltic lava cools rapidly would have on the interior design.

Robots would also be used to weave spider web-like floors that are "stronger and lighter than steel, easier to operate, fireproof and it do not corrode".

The people behind the conceptual project believe humans will be living on Mars within a decade.