Microsoft To Launch New Surface Tablets In September

Microsoft To Launch New Surface Tablets In September

Microsoft may have not exactly set the world alight with its first generation of Surface tablets. In fact, it may have lost about a billion dollars on them.

But if you thought that would stop them from trying again, you don't know Microsoft.

The software giant has sent out invites to journalists in the States for an event on September 23 at which it will announce the next generation of Surface.

It appears that both a Surface 2 and a Surface Pro 2 will be announced - both refreshed versions of the current Windows RT and Windows 8 machines.

That's a little bit of a surprise - especially given the relative failure of RT to break through as a separate-but-not variant of the increasingly dominant (if not that well received) Windows 8.

But in other terms it looks like the upgrades will be significant. The Verge reports that the Pro 2 will get Intel's new Haswell processor - meaning better battery life - and 8GB of RAM. For the Surface 2 Microsoft will add a 1080P display and a Tegra 4 processor. Both machines will get 'Power Cover' accessories, which will allow the machines to charge their batteries which attached to their keyboard covers.

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