Twitter Lets 'Verified Users' Filter Out The Rabble

Twitter has unveiled a new feature which lets its 'verified' users - your celebs, politicians, top journalists and the like - to filter out the general rabble.

The new system enables VIPs whose accounts are marked with a small blue tick to ensure they are not bombarded with spam - or mentions from unverified users.

Twitter's product manager Ed Gutman said the changes were designed to help verified users "better monitor and engage with others on Twitter".

"As part of our product development process, we regularly reach out to our partners to better understand what would improve the Twitter experience," he wrote in a blog post.

"One item of feedback we've gotten from verified users: an easier way to manage the large number of conversations they're in."

Verified users will now have three options - they can either opt to see all mentions, view a filtered stream or just see mentions from users such as celebrities, sportsmen and politicians.

Twitter said the new system was being rolled out on the web.

Gutman added: "We'll continue to evolve and improve this feature - for example, by bringing it to mobile - in order to help verified users better monitor and engage with others on Twitter."