Northampton Clown Baffles Some Residents And Terrifies Others

Have You Seen The Northampton Clown?

A spooky and rather terrifying clown has been baffling residents of Northampton.

In full make-up, a red wig and a sorry looking clown teddy hanging by his side, the strange apparition has been spotted waving "forlornly" to passers by.

He even has his own Facebook page called 'Spot Northampton's Clown' but steers clear of Twitter as it "confuses me".

The picture on his official Facebook page is of the murderous clown Pennywise the Dancing Clown, from 'It' by Stephen King.


It would appear that some people aren't quite sure how to take him, with the clown forced to deny via Facebook that he's been carrying a knife.

He was reported to have offered to paint someone's window sills, despite the fact he has no painting equipment.

There is no explanation for his presence beyond "why not?".

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