'EDL Fears' Lead To Cancellation Of Love Music, Hate Racism, Event In Ipswich

Anti-racism concert cancelled
Anti-racism concert cancelled

An anti-racism concert was cancelled after a police warning about far-right violence.

The Love Music Hate Racism gig was due to take place in a pub in Ipswich, the BBC reported.

But it was called off at the last minute after police said it had the "potential for violence".

A Suffolk police spokesman said “intelligence” had been received which “suggested there may be disruption at the event”.

The spokesman said staff at the pub took the decision to cancel the gig.

In a statement to the Ipswich Star, Suffolk police said officers had visited the pub manager and warned them that "intelligence had been received which suggested there may be disruption at the event and to ensure appropriate measures had been put in place."

Local Labour councillor Glen Chisholm tweeted his frustration:

The force said the licensee that received "similar information" and had already decided to call off the concert.

But the concern organisers told the BBC the decision had given the "green light" to racists.

"I completely understand why the pub pulled the event, but it's still such a shame," 16-year-old Lauren Bulaitis told the BBC.

"It is really disappointing and we did discuss how the event could be postponed and alternative arrangements made."

In July, the EDL marched in Ipswich in "defiance" after the murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich.

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