Michele Wright Uses Facebook To Announce Her House Exploded As She Holidayed In Crete

'Apparently My House Has Just Exploded': The Facebook Status You Never Want To Have To Write

A college lecturer has been left homeless after her bungalow was blasted to smithereens as she holidayed in Crete.

Michele Wright was informed of the news via a telephone call from police in Ceredigion, Wales Online reported.

The mother-of-three announced the news to her friends and family on Facebook, writing: "Apparently my house has just exploded and I am now homeless. Seriously."

Michele Wright's home was demolished as she holidayed in Crete

Her friend Roger Fickling told the newspaper: "We don't really know what is happened yet and Michele posted a message on Facebook at around 10pm saying that her house blown up.

"I think everyone is just totally shocked and most people have rallied to offer to some kind of support and do whatever they can. I think Michele is flying home. It's all pretty awful. I can't imagine receiving that news while hundreds of miles away."

Neighbours described the explosion on Saturday as like a "bomb going off".

Geraint Davies told the BBC: "I was watching television and there was one horrendous bang - I thought the house had fallen down.

Neighbours say the explosion sounded like a 'bomb going off'

"But when I went out to look I couldn't see anything so I went out on the road and I looked up and I could see that the house next door had disappeared."

Firefighters are uncertain as to what caused the explosion, though it may have been caused by the build up of gas - possibly via an appliance was left on, The Sun reports.

Wright is a photography lecturer at Trinity St David's University.


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