Nasa Road-Signs Point One Way To The Moon - The Other To The International Space Station (PICTURES)

Road Signs At Nasa Take Directions A Bit Too Literally

Nasa's new launchpad has already had two viral hits - first with a spectacular launch above New York City, and then a photobombing frog caught even more spectacularly on camera during the same launch.

Now it might be going for a hat-trick.

An image posted on Nasa's feed of the space port at Wallops - properly known as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport - have revealed that the facility has two of the very best road signs in American history.

Go straight for the Moon. Go right for the on-ramp to the International Space Station.

The signs refer to the launchpad's first two big rockets - the Minotaur V which lifted LADEE to the Moon on Friday, and Wednesday's upcoming Antares launch to the ISS with Nasa's commercial partner Orbital Sciences Corporation.

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