Couples Are Already Starting To Argue About When To Turn The Central Heating On (POLL)

Are You And Your Other Half Arguing About The Central Heating? (POLL)

Usually when a survey announces something usually ridiculous like, women prefer using their phones than having sex, or men would like to replace their best mates with a banana, we at HuffPost UK Lifestyle roll our eyes and go back to our business.

But this latest survey really strikes a chord - almost nine out of ten couples disagree about when to put the central heating on.

According to a poll by, 87% of women said they disagreed with their partner about the right time to switch. 73% of men said they'd rather wrap up warm in a bid to delay putting the heating on.

One woman who took part in the poll said: “My husband is a right skin flint, he insists we wear jumpers and hold out until at least October before we turn the heating on. He says it’s because he cares about the environment but I know it’s really about saving money.”

We couldn't agree more. Men, what is your problem?

A male participant said: “Women seem to feel the cold more than men. We’ve only just come out of a heat wave and my wife is asking me to turn the central heating on. If she had her way it’d be on full blast and we’d be walking around in our underwear. It’s madness, what’s wrong with a nice thick pullover?”

Although some of us are inclined to agree than men are more miserly about the heating bill, there may be some truth in the theory that women feel the cold more. Yahoo Shine reported: "A team of researchers, led by physician Han Kim, found that on average woman's hands are almost three degrees cold than a man's. The reason is that the female body produces a slightly higher core temperature around the vital organs. So women's hands and feet get the shaft. And when your hands feel cold, so does the rest of you."

Hmm, sounds like a lot of conjecture to us. Now turn the heat on!

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