Man Found Hanged After Letzgo Hunting Vigilante Sting


A group of vigilante 'paedophile hunters' have refused to change their methods after one of their targets killed himself.

The man had been arrested by Leicestershire Police after a sting by the controversial Letzgo Hunting group, the Mirror and the Daily Mail reported.

Letzgo Hunting members pose as a 14-year-old girl in online chatrooms, setting up an encounter which is then posted on Facebook and YouTube.

The anonymous founder of Letzgo Hunting told the Leicester Mercury his group would not change its tactics in light of the man's death.

He said: “We feel sorry for his family for the loss of their son.”

Defending their methods earlier this year, a Letzgo Hunting member told the BBC: "We are vigilantes, definitely. We're not working within the law. But we're not a vigilante lynch mob.

"We're not there to hurt anybody. We are there to get an explanation.

"We try to get them to say, in as much detail as possible, exactly what they want to do."

The group's Facebook page

The man, who was 29, reportedly confronted by Letzgo Hunting, and questioned by detectives after the group handed footage to the police.

At the inquest, the coroner recorded a verdict of suicide, but did not mention Letzgo Hunting.

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