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WATCH: Zoe Salmon And Matt Edmondson's Final TU Go Challenge: The Show Must Go On #GotTUGo

It’s time for the glittering finale of the TU Go challenge.

Huff Post Tech and O2 have sent presenters Matt Edmondson and Zoe Salmon running, rapping and gardening across London to test the reach of radical new app TU Go, which frees up O2 mobile numbers for use across different compatible devices, from tablets to PCs, and even lets you make calls online when you venture out of signal range.

For their final mission, we’ve tasked Matt and Zoe to produce a talent show in a single day.

And, to make things interesting, we’ve decided to pit them against each other. Whoever puts on the best acts and gets the most applause wins the day.

The only snag is that Zoe and Matt are stuck at the venue, and they’ve both run out of juice on their mobiles.

Luckily, there may just be another way for them to access those much-needed phone contacts via wifi...

Watch the latest video to see how they got on and marvel at Zoe's triangle skills.

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