Armadillo Photobombs Space Rocket Launch Days After Frogstronaut (PICTURES)


Even as we ponder whether Frogstronaut, the frog that photobombed Nasa's Minotaur V launch last week, survived, it seems another animal is trying to make a bid for viral fame.

The latest launch at the Wallops facility in Virginia took place late on Wednesday, and it seems it too had resident wildlife on the launch pad.

The Orbital Sciences Corporation rocket blasted off on a private resupply mission to the International Space Station.

But just below the rocket, in one video of the launch, it's possible to see what appears to be an armadillo run terrified across the bottom of the screen.

Universe Today said that the creature was spooked out of hiding by the massive Atlas V engines.

It was recorded via a GoPro camera by one Matthew Travis. And while it's not quite Space Frog-quality imagery, it's interesting - and sad - viewing.

Take a look at the footage above - the armadillo runs left to right just after the rocket lifts off.

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