Brighton's Beach of the Dead Zombie Parade Cancelled Over Health And Safety Fears

Pack away your chainsaws and take the boards off your windows, hordes of zombies will no longer be staggering through the streets, after an annual march was cancelled over health and safety fears.

The annual event usually sees Brighton's picturesque sea front invaded by thousands of the ‘walking dead’ as people dressed as groaning corpses lurch through the town for the annual 'Beach Of The Dead' parade.

Participants stagger through the streets at last year's 'Beach Of The Dead' Brighton Zombie Walk

The first event, which took place in 2007, attracted just 40 people but now organisers have said the popular event has become “a victim of its own success” after more than 6,000 petrifying participants turned up last year.

"From matters beyond our organisers control Beach Of The Dead needs to allow the dead to rest until the grey matter decays," event creator Kate Amer said in a statement.

The popular event has become a victim of its own success, organisers said

She explained that with an expected crowd of thousands, the strain on finances and safety control measures will be too high.

Unable to attract enough funding she said the event could not cover an increase in stewarding, medical costs and event insurance.

She told the Argus newspaper: “It just costs too much and takes up too much time. Last year it all went way over the £2,000 budget.

“We just didn't expect the sheer amount of people that turned up. It was ridiculous.

“We have had to go back to the drawing board because otherwise it would be too unsafe.”

Lost souls fear not however, as a rival march has already been organised on Ditchling Road, Brighton, on October 26 at 3pm.

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