GTA 5: Graphical 'Streaming' Glitches Affect PS3 Download Versions Of The Game

GTA 5: Graphical 'Streaming' Glitches Affect PS3 Downloads

GTA 5 has enjoyed a spectacularly successful launch - but it's not been without its issues.

The latest are graphical glitches reported on the download version of the game for Playstation 3.

Eurogamer reports that significant "streaming" issues - where buildings, street furniture and graphics "pop-in" during gameplay - have been observed on the download version of the game.

The issues do not appear to be affecting the retail version of the PS3 game, and have only been reported in a minor way with the Xbox 360 disc version. Digital Foundry said it "could not recommend" the PSN version of the game.

Eurogamer said: "The opening montage across Los Santos' beaches reveals some glaring issues. Cutting rapidly across several areas, the digital version has ground textures popping in half a second late - plus delays in the drawing of shadow maps and objects like grass."

There are also reports that some downloads are failing to complete, possibly due to high demand.

Take a look at the video to compare the two versions - but right now we'd recommend the disc edition if you have a choice.

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