Nigel Farage Given 'Hitler Moustache' By Bizarre BBC Pixel Glitch (PICTURES)

LOOK: Nigel Farage Fends Off Fascist Accusations
Farage's pixel problem
Farage's pixel problem

When you're live on TV, defending yourself against accusations of schoolboy fascism, the image you project is vital.

Unfortunately for Nigel Farage, a gremlin inside the BBC's big screen in Salford didn't do him any favours at all.

The Ukip leader, rocked by claims by a former teacher that he had "professed racist and neo-fascist views" as a youngster, appeared to be citing Enoch Powell, appropriately enough, when BBC man Olly Foster captured the unhelpful image.

Oblivious to his new facial hair, Farage robustly defended himself against the claims, which came from a Channel 4 News report.

He admitted to being a "trouble-maker" at school, who would wind up some of his "left-wing" teachers.

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