Mirror Page Three Advert Banned From London Underground Because Of 'Sexual Imagery'

A Daily Mirror advert featuring a woman in a bath has been banned from London Underground - because it contains 'sexual imagery'.

The advert, which featured on Page Three of Monday's edition, is poking fun at The Sun, with the slogans 'We're not like other tabloids', and #Madeuthink.

The woman's elbows are positioned in a way that looks like they could be her breasts, and this seems to be what offended bosses at Transport for London.

The offending advert

A Transport for London spokeswoman told HuffPost UK: "The Daily Mirror submitted six adverts to our advertising contractor, CBS Outdoor, to be displayed on London's transport network.

"One was not approved, as it contained sexual imagery, going against our advertising guidelines.

"Five adverts were approved and will be running on the network from today, for two weeks."

The Mirror's cheeky advert comes as campaigners try to force The Sun to abandon the use of topless page three models.

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