24/09/2013 06:48 BST

'Homeland' Series 3 Trailer Shows Brody Admit 'This Was Love'

"This was love, you and me," says Brody to Carrie in a first look at series three of 'Homeland'.

Dropping a few more hints about the storyline for the new series, the clip shows the former marine on the run.

The promo is made up of a number of brief clips featuring Claire Danes (Carrie), Mandy Patinkin (Saul) and a shaven-headed Damian Lewis (Brody).

While viewers of the hit show will notice, from the look of things, a more emotional narrative arc than we have been used to, one familiar face will definitely be missing - that of David Harewood, whose character Estes came to an untimely end in the last series.

Click here to read our interview with Harewood where he talks about his 'Homeland' character.

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