Spoiler Foiler From Netflix Will Scrub Your Twitter Timeline For Anything That Will Ruin Breaking Bad

There are many perils of the digital age. RSI, eye strain, poring over Facebook and convincing yourself you're the only one not doing 'YOLO' activities 24 hours a day.

And then there is the crushing disappointment you get when the next episode of 'Breaking Bad' is ruined by somebody blathering the latest plot twist on Twitter.

Netflix have recognised this most awful of modern-day afflictions and have created 'Spoiler Foiler' - Twitter censorship for the TV addict.

It scours your feed for anything that could ruin the hit TV series - with curious results.

For instance - I was totally unaware that HuffPost UK Celeb reporter, Ash Percival, (or Cheryl Cole for that matter) were prominent in the show.

Also, at what point does Walter White send an inappropriate telegram about the Titanic?

While the censoring may be a little over-zealous it is a good idea just to be safe.

So far Spoiler Foiler only works with 'Breaking Bad' but there's no apparent reason Netflix wouldn't roll it out across it's other shows if it proves popular.

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