David Attenborough Reveals Internet Trolls Impersonated Him & Sent 'Sexy Messages'

Sir David Attenborough has revealed internet trolls impersonating him sent "obscene" messages on social media.

The 87-year-old instructed his lawyers to act so as to protect his reputation, after learning his fans had been targeted.

"They're horrible, rude - er, sexy rude - so you have to get a lawyer to take them down.

Sir David Attenborough has revealed he called in his lawyers after learning internet trolls were impersonating him online

The beloved naturalist's six decade-career includes a string of BBC smash-hit documentaries including 'Life on Earth', 'Frozen Planet' and 'Africa'.

It's not the first time internet trolls have pulled the wool over our collective eyes in social media.

Last year a Twitter profile of Rupert Murdoch's estranged wife Wendi Deng was exposed as a spoof - despite having been verified by the social networking giant.

The bogus account popped up about the same time as the media mogul created his own Twitter profile.

It saw "Wendi" playfully admonishing her "husband" and flirting with Ricky Gervais.

A blue tick showed up next to "her" profile to show it had "independently" verified as the real Wendi Deng - leaving an apologetic Twitter with the proverbial egg on its face.