Mark Duggan 'May Not Have Been An Angel, But Didn't Deserve To Die', Mother Tells Inquest

The mother of Mark Duggan has said her son "may not have been an angel but I do not believe he should have died in the way he did."

And Pamela Duggan said told an inquest her son's father Bruno was so overwhelmed by grief after his son died that he "gave up" his fight against cancer.

A statement was read out by a lawyer for the family from Duggan's mother at the inquest into his death.

A photo from the family of Mark Duggan the man shot dead by police in Tottenham Hale

Mrs Duggan went into the witness box at the Royal Courts of Justice to confirm that the contents of the document were correct, including her description of the impact on Duggan's father Bruno Hall.

Duggan said: "Bruno passed away on July 7, 2012, some 11 months after Mark was tragically killed. In my mind, I believe this was the final straw for him as the grief was so intense.

"When Mark died, Bruno stopped talking and would not say anything to anybody except 'they killed my son, they killed my boy'. I believe it completely finished Bruno and he didn't have the will or the strength to fight the cancer. He just gave up."

She said Mark's four children had become "anxious" since their father died.

Mrs Duggan's statement went on: "As a mother you think you're going to go before your child, you never think your child will go before you. No mother deserves to bury their child. I am so confused and I don't understand why this has happened to me and my family.

"Mark may not have been an angel but I do not believe he should have died in the way he did."

The jury heard that, on the day Duggan, 29, was killed, his former girlfriend Semone had called his aunt Carole "screaming frantically".

He was shot when a taxi he was travelling in was stopped by armed police in Tottenham, north London, in August 2011.

Initially his family was wrongly told that he had been taken to hospital, and media reports suggested that an Asian man had died.

Mrs Duggan said she "went into total shock" when she heard the news, and was put on Valium, anti-depressants and sleeping tablets by her GP.

"They have helped a little although I still find myself waiting for Mark to walk through the door," she said in her statement.