Larry Busby's Sleepless In Austin Website Offers $1,500 To Find The Girl Of His Dreams (VIDEO)

This Man Will Pay You $1,500 To Find Him A Girlfriend, But She Mustn't Be Black, Fat Or A Slut

A 39-year-old man is offering a “reward” of $1,500 for anyone who helps him find the “girl of his dreams”.

And the generous Larry Busby, of Austin, Texas, will even throw in an extra $1,000 if the match ends in marriage.

So far so “rom-com” (the guy's website is called Sleepless in Austin – and yes he’s a big fan of the original movie.)

But before you mark that cash for yourself, let’s just check what lover-boy Larry (who goes by the moniker 'Romeo Rose' on his site, but was outed by local media) is after.

First off, she has to be attractive, “decent”, thin, have long hair and a job.

She must not be fat, oh no – if you weigh over 130lbs Larry ain't interested. Nor can she be black. (“I don’t care if she looks like Halle Berry”, Larry emphasises: “I will not ever date a black girl”.)

Fair enough people have preferences, but Austin's CultureMap cites alarm bell-ringing quotes - which appear to have since been removed - reading to the effect that Larry won't consider dating any woman who has ever even been sexually active with a black man. Like, ever.

"And, I do not believe that Whites & Blacks should mix races sexually and have kids together. I think it’s ok for Whites & Hispanics. But not Blacks," it adds.

"Sluts" and women with tattoos, piercings, breast implants, a predilection for gambling or former strippers need not apply.

Nor should women who have had children, “because having kids does ruin a woman’s body often times. They end up with stretch marks. And also sometimes it makes their vagina looser.”

Busby is a big fan of the movie Sleepless in Seattle, just in case you were wondering

It’s OK if you smoke though, as long as you go outside, Larry “can live with that”. Oh and if you need glasses, he’ll let you off if you wear contact lenses "at least most of the time".

The man knows what he wants, eh?

But the good news is that if you’re fond of sexy lingerie, thigh high boots, kissing and miniskirts you’re in with a chance!

Well now let’s learn some more about Larry, who by the way, is a wedding photographer.

Well there’s the section entitled “photos of me with famous people” featuring our hero resplendent in black velvet cosying up to a host of B-listers.

Then there is his “about me” page which offers up such thoughtful musings as “Romance is the air I breathe, for without it I surely would die.”

Equally profound are these sage words: “So many people often wonder, what is the purpose of life, why are we here, what is the secret of the Universe?

“I know the answer to this. The answer is simple. The answer is Love.”

Now, since Larry's list went viral, some people are reporting problems visiting his site (must be all those women checking to see if they meet his criteria, right?). HuffPost UK has reached out to Larry to see how the quest is going, but we've not heard back yet.

According to Ninemsn, Larry attempted to address some of the negative responses to his list by offering to answer questions on Reddit under his assumed name Romeo Rose - but the thread was later deleted.

He has, however, taken to his (rarely used) Twitter account to insist he is not racist and to reiterate that "every girl I've been with has been thin", before signing off with the modest words: "I am Romeo Rose, I deserve the very best!"

If this absurd, delusional tick list is for real, it may well be the worst dating profile on earth. If not, old Larry's photography business just got one hell of a publicity boost.