Basil The African Grey Parrot Swears In Welsh Accent

Potty-Mouthed Parrot Hurls Abuse In Welsh Accent

Oh boyo! A family were left speechless when their newly-adopted parrot started swearing at them - in a Welsh accent.

Potty-mouthed Basil the African Grey launched his first verbal volley within hours of being given a new home with the Fisk family.

He announced himself with a polite "hello" to mum Sarah Fisk but when she replied he promptly told her to "f*ck off" - with an accent straight from his previous home in Wales.

The bird then started squawking "I'm in the Valleys" followed by a tirade of expletives including "bastard" and "arsehole".

Basil had previously lived in the Vale of Glamorgan and his former owners had told Sarah and husband Adam he knew "a couple of swear words".

Basil the potty-mouthed parrot

But he revealed the full extent of his colourful vocabulary - and his accent - once he was safely in his new Bristol home.

Sarah, 34, a day centre worker for adults with learning difficulties, said: "It was quite shocking the first time he did it - I didn't quite believe my ears.

"He settled in so quickly and was obviously making himself at home.

"His accent is so strong sometimes that we aren't sure what he is saying, but it definitely sounds Welsh. And when he says the swear words, that is in a distinctive Welsh accent.

"His previous owners had said he had sworn in the past, but I thought that a change of scenery would leave that behind - not a chance."

Sarah and Adam with Basil

Basil was sold by his previous owners when he was just a few months old because the daughter he had been bought for showed no interest in him.

After shocking the Fisks with his vocabulary he caused a further flap four days later by escaping through an open window while his cage was being cleaned.

Sarah and Adam, 39, who have three young children, erected missing posters before they found him at a nearby vets after three days on the loose.

Nurses at the RSPCA Bristol Clinic said he was handed in by a member of the public - and immediately started swearing at staff and calling them tossers.

Veterinary manager Mandy Stone said: "He kept calling the nurses tossers and there were a few other phrases he used that I won’t repeat. It was quite shocking.

"He was very quiet and shy for the first day, but then all of a sudden he started talking and rather surprised us with his adult vocabulary.

"He also whistled the McDonalds tune and he danced for us when we asked him to, so we forgave his bad manners."

Red faced Sarah added: "I had to apologise for his bad manners when I collected him.

"It seems that when he is being left on his own away from humans he gets quite angry and swears even more.

"He doesn't like to be ignored, especially if you are eating something he likes, like chocolate.

"He just says 'chocolate, chocolate, chocolate' over and over until you give him some.

"He loves the stuff and curry too - all the stuff parrots aren't supposed to have.

"He gets quite upset if you say no, he really can be a diva.

"He is most happy sitting watching the TV with us. When we are watching comedy, like Mrs Brown's Boys he laughs along with this great belly laugh - ho ho ho - just like a human.

"He's amazing really and we are so happy to have him home."


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