Cristiano Ronaldo Poses Half-Naked In Underwear To Launch CR7 Range (VIDEO, PICTURES)

Cristiano Ronaldo has no qualms stripping off to display his Olympic swimmer's torso and now a new set of saucy snaps from his latest ad campaign have emerged.

Earlier this month we previewed the footballer's advert for his new CR7 underwear range and now we're delighted to bring you some more images of him nearly naked on set for the advert...

Challenging David Beckham for the title of Best Footballer To Model Pants, Cristiano looks pretty impressive in his tighty whities and even sports a knowing grin.

The CR7 range doesn't hit shops or the online store until 1 November, when it'll be nigh on impossible to avoid Cristiano's package. Score.

David Beckham

David Beckham Underwear Pics

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