27/09/2013 17:50 BST | Updated 27/09/2013 17:57 BST

'Big Brother' House Opens To Public Through National Trust Initiative: HuffPost's Three Hours As A Housemate

'Big Brother' has caused controversy yet again after the National Trust obtained the keys Britian's most famous house and opened it up to members of the public, annoying some historians who believe it is not culturally significant enough to be associated with the charity - better known for its stately homes.

But while plenty of old fuddy duddies have been getting their knickers in a twist about the National Trust's actions, we were too busy snooping around the Borehamwood bungalow and mingling with housemates past at a celebratory gala held in the house on Thursday night.

The likes of Nikki Grahame, Brian Belo, Lauren Harries, Sophie Anderton and Alex Reid were just some of the familiar faces who turned up, as we were given full access to the house.

Scroll through our gallery below to find out what we learned during our three short hours as a Big Brother housemate...

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