Nikki Grahame

The legendary Big Brother housemate died last week, at the age of 38.
"I am so desperately sad... she really was the funniest, most bubbly sweetest girl."
The reality star had checked into a private hospital last month after her eating disorder worsened in lockdown.
From Oxo cubes and porridge to underwear and Rihanna.
Locked away with a bunch of strangers in an environment specifically designed to push the housemates to their limits, it’s
Channel 5 has confirmed they won't be airing the reality juggernaut in 2019.
Over the years, ‘Big Brother’ has brought drama to the nation on countless occasions. Whether it’s shocking twists, intriguing
Nikki Grahame was famed for her meltdowns during her various stints in the ‘Big Brother’ house, and history is currently
Seriously – how did these shows ever get the green light?