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Nikki Grahame Has Epic Tantrum On 'Big Brother Canada', And It's Textbook Nikki

She's up to her old tricks again...

Nikki Grahame was famed for her meltdowns during her various stints in the ‘Big Brother’ house, and history is currently repeating itself as she takes part in the Canadian version of the show.

The reality star, who is a fully-fledged housemate on the international edition of ‘BB’, had another of her epic tantrums as she was forced to eat slop.

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Nikki Grahame had a meltdown on 'Big Brother Canada'

She even threatened to quit the series during an hysterical outburst in the Diary Room as she refused to eat the processed food, which was issued to the house as a punishment.

"I'm trying to be calm and rational here," she raged.

"I could probably handle sleeping on the floor, but not the food - that's the final straw. I can't do it.

"I can't bear to be in this asylum anymore, I fucking hate it!" she fumed.

"I'm self-combusting, that's what's happening. Oh God, why does everyone think it's okay to be in this torturous environment?"

Global TV
Nikki was distraught at having to eat slop

She was then seen lashing out, punching the walls of the bathroom in a fit of rage.

"I've got no-one in this shithole - I just can't take it anymore," she wailed. "I just can't. I can't wait to get out."

However, she was eventually talked round by her housemates, who helped her cook up a plate of slop.

Global TV
The reality star punched the walls of the house in a fit of rage

Whispering to ‘Big Brother’ through her microphone, she joked: "I have thought of a really good coping mechanism though, and that would be prescription drugs."

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She later joked that prescription drugs would be a good coping mechanism in the house

Nikki’s last stint on ‘Big Brother’ came last year, when she returned to the UK house alongside Helen Wood and Brian Belo for a two-week stay, as part of a ‘Timebomb’ twist.

She first found fame on the show on the seventh series in 2006, before later appearing on ‘Ultimate Big Brother’ in 2010, when a bunch of former housemates competed in a special series to mark the end of its run on Channel 4.

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