Scotland's Most Expensive Property, Kinpurnie Estate, On Sale For £29m

Kilburnie Estate
Kilburnie Estate

Scotland's most valuable estate, Kinpurnie Estate, has gone on sale for the first time in over a century.

Kinpurnie is priced at £29 million and boasting nearly 5,500 acres of land, a collection of holiday cottages and a castle.

The amount of land is over 115,000 times larger than the Chelsea garden that was recently sold for over £50,000. You're only paying 580 times the price of the Chelsea garden for Scotland's most expensive estate.

The estate was previously by the Cayzer shipping dynasty since the early 1900s and includes six lochs (none with any monster).

The lots on the estate range in value, including Thriepley House at £6m and the castle at £2.5m, but why go for a piece when you could snap up the entire £29m estate?

Take a look below to check out more of the Highland lavishness.

Kinpurnie Estate, Scotland's Most Expensive Property On Sale