Margaret Thatcher Tribute To Open Tory Conference (VIDEO)

'Our Maggie'

The Conservative Party are to screen a ten-minute tribute to Margaret Thatcher, entitled 'Our Maggie', at the opening of their conference tomorrow.

With footage of the former PM set to moving music, the video is sure to stir some powerful emotions among the party delegates.

The video features contributions from those who served in her governments and worked alongside her, and those whose lives were influenced by her.

"She was a great leader, a great Prime Minister, a great Briton and a great Conservative," Mr Cameron said of Mrs Thatcher.

While Chancellor George Osborne, who openly cried at Mrs Thatcher's funeral stated that the Iron Lady "unleashed an entrepreneurial revolution that empowered millions and millions of people."

"This was a transformation in the way our economy operated," he said.

Commenters on YouTube have been quick to praise the tribute video with one user stating: "Watched with great pride. She was truly a great dame."

Another added: "God bless Margaret Thatcher! Alway remember Margaret Thatcher!"

Others were not as complimentary, with one unimpressed YouTube user stating: "It could have been better."

Tom Hendy wrote:"If you're trying to encourage pride and support of the Conservative party, I'm not sure including George Osbourne was the best plan of action."

HuffPost reader Patrick Kearns slammed: "The most hated Prime Minster in the world," while Steve Malone wrote: "I would rather poke out my eyes."

After the video is shown tomorrow it will be followed by the traditional introduction from the Tory chairman, Grant Shapps, who is expected to keep Lady Thatcher as a dominant theme in his opening speech at the gathering.

Speaking this week he said: “Lady Thatcher is very much on our mind."

Perhaps he'll be hoping delegates will have forgotten his interview with Andrew Neil three days before her funeral, in which he said the question of whether he was a Thatcherite was "silly and meaningless."

Meanwhile, Baroness Thatcher reached her final resting place today as her ashes were buried in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea.


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