O2 Says 4G Will Now Work On iPhone 5C And 5S

O2 have announced that after a delay of almost two weeks, the new iPhone 5C and 5S smartphones will work on its recently launched 4G service.

The mobile network had previously admitted that the phones would not work on its network, but had insisted they would at a later date.

"iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are both 4G-ready devices that will be enabled to run on our 4G network within the coming weeks - this will happen when new settings are ready to be sent by Apple and we will inform customers when they are available."

Now it's issued updated advice that the new iPhones are working on its 4G network.

O2 issued instructions for current iPhone 5S and 5C users to upgrade their service and turn on 3G on its website.

It also said that iPhone users who subscribe to 4G already will get £5 off their next bill for the inconvenience.

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