Carrickfergus 'Killer Clown' Turns Himself Into Police (PICTURES)

‘Killer Clown' Turns Himself In After Terrifying School Pupils... Then Cavorts In Front Of Police Station

A sinister looking clown has turned himself into police – after complaints he was seen “acting suspiciously” near secondary schools and “frightening children” in County Antrim.

The Carrickfergus “Killerclown” – often accompanied by a balaclava-clad, gun-toting sidekick – has made something of a career out of roaming the streets at night and being photographed looking, well, absolutely terrifying.

Dressed in a satin jumpsuit and with his mask fixed in a permanent snarl, the ghoul has echoes of the Northampton Clown, who also favours a ‘Pennywise’ attire.

Astride a tricycle, the Carrickfergus 'killer clown' gurns for the camera

But the Carrick clown’s reign of terror appeared to have encountered a hiccup after the local police revealed they were investigating him.

Posting on the PSNI Newtonabbey & Carrickfergus Facebook page, the force said:

Shortly afterwards it added the “gentleman” in question had come forward to assure police his antics were “a prank” and offering apologies to anyone his actions had caused distress to.

The announcement was met with comments to the effect the force was cracking down on fun, but it held firm, stating: “Fun is fun, but frightening school pupils is another [issue].”

As of last night, a glance at the “Carrick Killerclowns” Facebook page revealed the culprit and his sidekick – known as “gimp boy” were still at large – having even cheekily posed for a picture outside the PSNI Carrickfergus headquarters.

Cheeky... the clown and sidekick 'gimp boy' cavort outside the PSNI Carrickfergus headquarters

But the clown will be keeping away from schools, after telling BBC Radio Ulster's Evening Extra programme he had received messages from people concerned for their children.


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