02/10/2013 06:18 BST

Paris Hilton Teases New Lil Wayne Single 'Good Times' With Racy Bikini Video (LISTEN)

Yes, Paris Hilton is still trying to make her music career happen.

The socialite has released a racy 45 second teaser for her new single 'Good Times', featuring rapper Lil Wayne.

With lyrics like "I might be a bit tipsy, but it's OK cause you're with me", we think you'll agree this is the stuff Grammys are made of.

paris hilton

The wet and wild teaser video shows Paris posing in revealing swimwear and dancing with some posh glow sticks.

The 32-year-old hotel chain heiress, who released her only studio album, 'Paris', in 2006, has signed a record deal with Cash Money Records earlier this year, announcing that she is working on an album of house music.

Paris's most memorable single to date was the gloriously cheesy 'Stars Are Blind'.