Lil Wayne

Including Grammy-winning musicians, acclaimed actors and even some controversial political figures.
Former White House adviser Steve Bannon and rapper Lil Wayne are among those being granted clemency by the outgoing US president.
The Grammy-winning rapper tweeted he'd had a "great meeting" with the president.
It was nice of him to let Kanye West loose on his Twitter for the day, wasn’t it? Zayn and Lil Wayne's album covers Zayn
Zayn Malik has unveiled the artwork for his upcoming solo album, ‘Mind Of Mine’, but eagle-eyed music fans couldn’t help
Jay has just completed a UK schools tour encouraging young people to follow their dreams. He's a great example of tenacity after having bad experiences with his past record labels Relentless and Virgin.
Nicki Minaj She has now issued an apology for the clip on Twitter, explaining that the influence for the clip actually came
Through literature hip hop's viewed beyond the negative preconceptions. Through hip hop, literature's no longer a dreaded GCSE exam but a popular pastime again.
Yes, Paris Hilton is still trying to make her music career happen. The socialite has released a racy 45 second teaser for