03/10/2013 07:41 BST | Updated 03/10/2013 07:49 BST

Highgate Garage Sold For £251,000, More Than Average UK House


A double garage unit in north London was sold for £251,000 at an auction on Wednesday, putting it at a level well over the price of an average British home.

The unit, on Crouch Hall Road in the leafy suburb of Highgate, includes two lock-up garages and was sold for over three times its £80,000 guide price.

The sale took place at a McHugh & Co auction held at the British Academy Of Film & Television Arts (BAFTA) in Piccadilly, Estates Gazette reports.

In contrast to the Highgate garden's £251,000 pricetag, the average cost of a British home is just £169,624.

The sale comes after a Chelsea garden, which the owner cannot build on or use for barbecues, was sold for £53,000.

However, the garage unit is still cheaper than the Chelsea parking space which was put on sale for £300,000 in August.

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