Guardian's Glenn Greenwald Versus BBC's Kirsty Wark In Hostile Newsnight Interview (VIDEO)

Glenn Greenwald Versus Kirsty Wark

The BBC’s Kirsty Wark took on the Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald, the journalist at the centre of the Edward Snowden NSA leak, on Newsnight on Thursday in what proved a hugely testy interview.

Wark started by asking Greenwald why he should be the "arbiter about what is in the public interest and what is vital to national security?" The veteran Newsnight presenter followed that with a string of questions about how Greenwald could be sure the information he had leaked had not helped terrorists evade capture.

Speaking from Rio, the Guardian journalists replied in kind, telling Wark: "The idea that terrorists didn't know that the United States and UK governments were trying to monitor their communications is laughable. Of course every terrorist that's capable of tying their own shoes has long known that the UK and US government were trying to monitor their communications."

During a bizarre passage, Wark asked Greenwald whether he kept the "vast amounts of material not yet reviewed in his bedroom". Greenwald shot back: "I'm not going to talk about what's in my bedroom." Who do you think came out on top?


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